Saturday, April 9, 2016


I have to be honest, Leslie and I absolutely love helping people create a look for their homes.  It's gratifying when we step back and look at what we've done, both in staging and interior designing. We stage a house to make it more appealing for a buyer, as we want to give the buyers an image of what their home could look like once furniture and accessories are all in place.

And when I work on an interior design project, my goal is to create an image that a homeowner appreciates as they spend quality time in their home.
The visual image can be a powerful thing, and we want the images we help create be ones that make a positive impact.

Recently, Leslie and I have been thinking about our "professional image".  We wanted a stronger professional image, an image that matches the quality company that we've created.

One of the things that we wanted for Traditions Interiors was just a simple icon, an icon that when others see it, they would associate that icon with the staging and interior design of Traditions Interiors.  We wanted a visual image that would mean Traditions Interiors.
We are excited about our new Traditions Interior's icon!  May this "image" represent Tradition Interiors throughout the San Antonio and Austin area.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Art of Staging

As a retailer with a line of women's clothing and accessories, I felt like I had a knack for making things look pleasing to the eye.  I knew that colors, textures and lines had to work together to make a wardrobe "work" on most any person.

Women come in all shapes and styles whether she be tall, slender, petite, busty, curvy or everything in between.   I knew how to help my client choose a style and accessorize it so that she looked her best.

Just as in planning a wardrobe, interior design works with the same principles.  I need to accessorize a house so that the design enhances the home's strengths, and minimizes it weaknesses.
When I started my home staging in 2008, I relied on the skills I gained in my retail business.

In decorating a house, I consider everything about the house and choose accessories so that the home has the greatest possible appeal and is pleasing to the eye.  I still consider color, textures and's an art!