Monday, February 22, 2016

The Art of Staging

As a retailer with a line of women's clothing and accessories, I felt like I had a knack for making things look pleasing to the eye.  I knew that colors, textures and lines had to work together to make a wardrobe "work" on most any person.

Women come in all shapes and styles whether she be tall, slender, petite, busty, curvy or everything in between.   I knew how to help my client choose a style and accessorize it so that she looked her best.

Just as in planning a wardrobe, interior design works with the same principles.  I need to accessorize a house so that the design enhances the home's strengths, and minimizes it weaknesses.
When I started my home staging in 2008, I relied on the skills I gained in my retail business.

In decorating a house, I consider everything about the house and choose accessories so that the home has the greatest possible appeal and is pleasing to the eye.  I still consider color, textures and's an art!