Saturday, April 9, 2016


I have to be honest, Leslie and I absolutely love helping people create a look for their homes.  It's gratifying when we step back and look at what we've done, both in staging and interior designing. We stage a house to make it more appealing for a buyer, as we want to give the buyers an image of what their home could look like once furniture and accessories are all in place.

And when I work on an interior design project, my goal is to create an image that a homeowner appreciates as they spend quality time in their home.
The visual image can be a powerful thing, and we want the images we help create be ones that make a positive impact.

Recently, Leslie and I have been thinking about our "professional image".  We wanted a stronger professional image, an image that matches the quality company that we've created.

One of the things that we wanted for Traditions Interiors was just a simple icon, an icon that when others see it, they would associate that icon with the staging and interior design of Traditions Interiors.  We wanted a visual image that would mean Traditions Interiors.
We are excited about our new Traditions Interior's icon!  May this "image" represent Tradition Interiors throughout the San Antonio and Austin area.